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  Da Fon Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. uses the complete process of resource recycling for the innovating and turning garbage into gold to make more benefits. We promoted our brand value to effect people to learn to respect the green recycling business for our environment.
 ◎The universal company of resource recycling management
  Da Fon Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. has highly respected the green environment problem when it established. We cooperated with normal and large-scale enterprises in Taiwan, and we became the first brand of resource recycling in Taiwan by their readily receiving recognition and dependency.
 ◎High integration, high recycling benefit
  We integrated the service, management, technology, equipment and regeneration into the recycling process. We also reduced the garbage, increased the amount of resource recycling and turned garbage into gold for the enterprises.
 ◎The exclusive service team
  We do customization of the recycling business work according to customer’s needs. We also plan the beautiful recycling storage, reduce garbage to raise the recycling rate and offer the professional suggestion about recycling.
 ◎Omni-position Service
  Da Fon Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. handles the suitable process for the recycled material. We enhanced the recycling rate by complete service of recycling, separation, transportation and regeneration of process.


 ◎High specification, High secrecy
  We keep the secrecy agreement between both sides, and we control the record of GPS and EDR of the vehicles in secrecy to protect the customer’s right and guarantee to the quality.


 ◎Creation of green brand value for customers
  Da Fon Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. accumulates the rich experience to customize the recycling process for customer. Our customers obtained many enterprise environmental protection awards and made our green brand value added.
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